Safarnama Iraq: Najaf

Why did I go to Najaf? I heard and read the words of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and had no other choice as a Shia! Sharing these with you.

“Ali is from me and I am from Ali.”

“Ali is the first person to believe in my Prophet hood and will be the first person to meet me on the Day of Judgment.”

“I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its door. He who wants to gain knowledge should come through the door.”

“Whoever I am his Mawla, this Ali is his Mawla.” 

Imam Ali ibne Abu Talib’s grave is in Najaf and millions of shias like me visit it to pay homage to this great warrior, scholar, humanatarian and upholder of righteousness in Islam. To some he is the manifestation of the ideal human to some he has divine powers through which he showers his bounty on his believers. Every Shia revers him, loves him and attempts to follow the high standards set for them in all spheres and fields. Whenever they call out “Ya Ali Madad,” they are heard and attended to.

I did not follow the ‘group’ route for the Ziarat (pilgrimage) of the holy places that I visited but was alone with learned maulana’s enlightening me on the various aspects at each shrine. My grateful thanks to the Maulanas for making me wiser and accelerating my devotion towards my Imams, who sacrificed their lives for us to live and flourish as good human beings.

Sharing my journey at Najaf towards Imam Ali’s Haram (shrine)

On the the road leading to the Haram.

At its entrance.

The outer circulation passage

Inside the Haram

Followers expressing their grief
Moving towards the location where, while offering Namaz, Maula Ali was stuck on his head with a sword by an assailant.

At Imam’s grave, offering prayers.

Bidding farewell to the magnificent Haram.

You may consider logging into the following links for information on

Hazrat Imam Ali Wa Alahe Salaam:,are%20claimed%20by%20the%20Shias.


We will visit Kufa and Karbala in the next blog.

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