Safarnama Iraq: Kufa

The 10 km journey to Kufa from Najaf was a bit uncomfortable due to the rains water puddles and pits all over the road, especially in the built up areas. For me I was entering my emotional world, as the preamble to the greatest tragedy was unolding. It all began when the Kufan’s invited Hazrat Imam Hussain Alahais Salaam to live with them and then reneged! It pains me to enter into any further narration; witholding my grief, I continued with the Ziarat and am sharing it with you.

We stopped short of Kufa to visit Masjide Hanana. Let us listen to the Maulan guiding me.

The second incident is narrated to have happened after the Battle of Karbala. On the road from Karbala to Kufa , the head of Imam al Hussain (a) was put on the ground of the mosque. It is said that at this time, a sound was heard like the sound of a baby camel that had lost its mother.
We reach Kufa and the Maulana explains and conducts the Ziarat.

Masjide Kufa

Inside Masjide Kufa

Imam Hazrat Ali (a) Residence

Hazrat Meesam (a) Grave
Al Sahlah Mosque (Imame Zamana)

The righteous and their deeds live forever. They are our Beacon and our Guardian

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The next blog will cover Ziarat e Karbala


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  1. Which faith do Sufis follow? Of their birth or irrespect of that there is a way to enter the Sufi order? And do they follow or reject the Holy Quran?


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