Safarnama Iraq – Karbala

Ahl al-Bayt (Arabic:lit.ā€‰’people of the house’) refers to the family tree of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In Shiasm, the term is limited to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); his daughter Fatimah, his cousin and son-in-law Ali Ibn Abu Talib, their two sons, Hasan, Husayn and the lineage thereafter. The term has also been extended in Sunnism to apply to all descendants of the Banu Hashim (Muhammad’s clan) and even to all the wives of Prophet (PBUH).

If everyone claims to be a part of Ahlal Bayt then why was Propphet’s (PBUH) grandson and his family members martyred by the ruthless and inhumane humans?

For me they were enemies of Islam as they had rescinded, abondoned, aborted and revoked the teachings and values that Allah had sent to them through His beloved Prophet (PBUH). To these infidels the words in the holy book were inconsequential, insignificant, trivial and foolish. They were not Muslims but assasins, killers, manslaughters who stoop to any brutal and excruciating act to obtain their horrendous objectives.

Imam Husayn wanted peace, tranquility and happiness for all of us, his allegiance was towards the appealing, aesthetic, flawless and perfect Divinity that his grandfather had enlightened with and introduced to the entire Umma (community). Imam Husayn’s allegience was for Allah and not for those low, decript, selfish and avaracious humans who castigated, faulted, lashed and ranted against Rabbul Alamin(Lords of the Worlds).

He sacrificed his and his companions life for me as it reclaimed Islam so that I can continue to read the Quran and follow its tenets. May Allah place him in the highest pedestal in heaven and shower him with His bountiful blessings.

My heart is filled with anxiety and grief as I continue my ziarat of the very holy and dear shrine. Sharing the journey with you.

Inside the Mosque

Location where Imam’s Head was mecilessly beheded.

The headless grave of the Imam

My mother always urged me to shed tears during Majalis (religous congregation) mourning the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussein. As per her, the tears will pave the the path to heaven where Imam will receive me! I did not take her inducement seiously then, though I did shed the tears. Now, during the Ziarat while reciting the Fateha (prayers) tears did appear in my eyes! Will my Zirat be accepted?

The next blog will soon be on Samarra, Balak & Kazmein

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7 thoughts on “Safarnama Iraq – Karbala”

  1. Very good information on the battle of Karbala and bravery displayed.
    The enmity of the Shias and Sunnis will eventually harm the Ummah. Can’t there be reconciliation? Also can not the fanatacism to spread Islam end so that the world be a peaceful place and each human being can follow his own faith.


    1. Thank you. The meeting of minds and hearts can only happen if it is allowed. This is possible only when a “French Revolution” over throws the ruling kings and rulers in the Middle East and Iran and ushers in renascence into the region. When “Magna Carta” enforces the separation of religion from the state and enlightened leaders such like “Martin Luther” bring in a protestant mvement which removes the prevailing ill practices spread by the Muslims in the garb of their personal religious beliefs.
      Though a tall order; I am convinced it will happen; though not in my lifetime.


  2. Dear wise friend isn’t there a way to build bridges between peoples with common ancestry and common commandment?


    1. Yes there are many ways to bridge and cosolidate the breach! I request you to please go through my comments in reply to my dear friend Ram Naidu’s comments in this blog.


  3. It is the top clergy of the two who need to realise that this internecine divide is affecting all Muslims across the globe and the rest of the world too. Don’t know if occasion of Haj for Ummah would be opportune. Especially now that Iran and Saudi Arabia have come closer politically.


    1. Agree. However, if the clergy do not get Royal/Govt patronage and freedom to spread the message and indoctrinate, they can not influence the masses to spread venom and hatred. The recent crackdown on the Mutawa (moral police) by the Saudi Govt and ban on actions by the clergy is an example. On the other hand in Iran many young girls suffered at the hands of the police on the hijab issue because of their clergy infested Government. Nearer home the hate issue has increased as the autorities want it to be alive and kicking!


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