After the rigors of travel during the Ziarat, Dubai was the classic locale for leisure and relaxation which I relished in the company of my handsome nephew Murtuza (Tabish) , equally charming wife Samiya and their frolicsome children Hasan and Ahmad, at their residential bungalow. Having worked at Bahrain for nearly ten years, Dubai was oft looked up venue for work related outcomes. Spent the three days mostly with the children, though Samiya did assist in the purchases for my grand children and their mothers.

It has been my experience that with all my relatives whom I have met, I have been fortunate to use their, especially their childrens, creative articles, artwork such as paintings and sketches in my blog. It only displays the extent of talent which is available in every houselhold waiting to be exposed and promoted. Genuinely hoping for due recognition and encouragement to our future writers and artists.

Here is Hasan and sharing his beautiful paintings:

Enjoyed the hospitality of Ismat and Abid at dinner hosted at their residence.

Refreshed in mind and body took the flight for Seattle USA.


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