The Meet Up Group

My second visit to Portland, Oregon was after witnessing my granddaghter’s stellar performance in the US North West Youth Rowing Championship held at Vanouver lake, Washington ; she was the coxswain, entered the event for the first time and her team consisting of eight helsmen were runners up.

Yameena in the centre

In my first visit I was overwhelmed with the magnificent sprawling rose garden about which there is an earlier blog which perhaps may be of interest. During this visit an inadvertent encounter of different and distinctive kind befel, which firmed in my belief in evolution, especially related to human relationship.

To a few it is a cliche, but a large majority do believe that ‘marriages are made in heaven.’ However, this heavenly bliss begins with a heavy baggage, especially in the subcontinent! The process is antique and in vouge even today; parental responsibility for spotting, matching the pedegree, antecedents and genes, dowry hassle, lavish parties and so on. Met this group who certainly have a very non traditional approach. Sharing it.

Leaving the card, rest is your choice!

They are the contacts.

My best wishes!


4 thoughts on “The Meet Up Group”

  1. Interesting idea to help people meet some one they might like. It seems to be a liberal minded group which even caters for same sex partners( that’s what I understood from the talk of the organiser). She didn’t explain what colour coding was. Was there a fee to join to cater to the expenses involved.
    Did you meet someone of your age group?


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