An Outing!

Besides the normal preventive actions such as wearing the mask and social distancing, stay at home is the oft repeated message from the doctors and officials. The former measures are mainly applicable outdoors or in large gatherings. The latter sadly is a punishment for all of us whether young or old. It becomes all the more severe and taxing when the temperatures fall and the wind chill enters the bones while having a walk or playing basketball on the driveway. You remain in the house confined to activities which soon become unsustainable. How long as an adult can you watch the TV, read a book, cook a meal, clean the house, talk on telephone and write? As a youngster how long can you play your favorite computer games such as Fortnight, Mine craft, punch the punching bag, construct from the Lego, read books and talk to friends on the mobile? Very soon you get restless and disinterested. You find ways and means for distraction! The youngsters as we know take it all on one another or on their parents!

Faizi, my son decided enough was enough for his sons Eshan and Ayaan; he planned an outing for them. On popular demand a same day trip to New York was chosen although the city remains a hot spot from Covid 19. When asked I agreed to join them. Enough was Enough for me too! (Bahut hogaya!) My daughter, Sabila and her darling Ariana agreed to join us from Boston. On Monday 28th Dec Faizi with the three of us drove from Delaware a two hours journey to New York and Sabila with her daughter drove her car for three hours from Boston to join us for the outing!

I have been to New York on several occasions, however the multitude crowd invariably reduced a closer look of the places of interest to me. Now due to Covid 19 with fewer persons occupying the space, I had the freedom to watch more freely and to capture pictures which I am sharing with you.

Most of you have visited New York and are familiar with the landmarks in the city. For the rest, Googling will provide them sufficient matter and data of these places.

Rockefeller Center during day.

Rockefeller Center at Night

Around the Rockefeller Plaza

St Patrick Church Fifth Avenue

Statues of Saints on the Church door.

Saks Department Store

Tablues on the shop fronts

Empire State Building

Statues on the wall of a building.

Official Shop of the famous Base Ball Team

Times Square

In Times Square

Fox News

Atlas Statue at the Rockefeller Center

While standing on the sidewalks of the Fifth Avenue road I witnessed a group of policeman standing at the edge of the road and chatting. What stuck me odd that none of them were wearing masks. I mentioned this to Sabila, who asked me to ignore it. I could not resist and inspite of Sabila’s warning to keep away from them I approached the policemen and accosted them. The conversation that followed:

Me: “Excuse me Sir, can I remove my mask?” They gave me curious looks and one of them spoke.

Policeman: “Why are you asking this question?”

Me: “Because you all are not wearing masks.” The looked at one another and a person among them spoke out.

Policeman: “Listen, you are in America, you can do as you want.”

Me: “But Sir, you are guardians of law and order and you are not wearing masks.”

Policeman: “It’s a free country, not any third world country. I am free to do what I want to.”

Me: “But Sir, you are supposed to set an example to others.”

They looked away from me, ignoring me. I left them and joined Sabila, who showed her displeasure. She was further annoyed when I obtained the CNN site by googling and sent them the gist of the conversation I had with the policemen. I mentioned it to them that I had a video clip which showed that the policemen were not wearing masks. I could send it once I receive their response, which so far has not come. Sharing the clip with you.

Moral of the story: All policemen are alike? Or Sabila is right, that I was foolhardy!


8 thoughts on “An Outing!”

  1. Enjoyed reading resolve to break the ice by going for a picnic, the lovely pictures & the encounter with NYPD.It was daring, yet unwarranted, they could have turned nasty. Happy 2021 to all of you & stay safe.

    On Wed, Dec 30, 2020, 02:40 Impressions, Perceptions and Views. wrote:

    > baqir shameem posted: ” Besides the normal preventive actions such as > wearing the mask and social distancing, stay at home is the oft repeated > message from the doctors and officials. The former measures are mainly > applicable outdoors or in large gatherings. The latter sadly is” >

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  2. What a fine idea to spend the day out of the house from grand children to grand parents. And to be in New York I suppose one can’t have enough of NY.
    The interlude with policemen , very unconvincing replies.
    Congrats ti Faizi for the idea.

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  3. A Fulfilled Day, full of Family, Occasion, Location and Filled with Love, Laughter and Fun all that anyone can ask for.. These are the moments when we create memories.
    So good to see you all together.
    Moreover the Place is Cherry on the top.
    Have Fun🥳🥳💐

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